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A Framework for Elastic Services in the LRZ Compute Cloud


The LRZ compute Cloud is set up as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution based on Openstack. In Openstack it is possible to define multi-tier applications, i.e., a collection of virtual machines that is seen and managed as a single entity (or service). Within a service, a user can define a hierarchy (which VM should start first), elasticity rules (how to scale out the infrastructure) and send cumulative commands to the member VMs.

A new network scanning and penetration testing service is currently being developed at LRZ. This service needs to be elastic as the amount of hosts and services that needs to be scanned can be very large. Since this service is going to be implemented using the Django Framework, a concept and evaluation of running Django projects in Cloud environments is required first.


  • Define the basic requirements a service has to meet in order to be deployed in an “elastic” cloud
  • Evaluate if Django can be used with Celery as an elastic service
  • Design a framework to easily deploy elastic services in the LRZ Compute Cloud
  • Implement a prototype framework which allows any service that satisfies the basic requirements, to be deployed in the cloud and scaled based on load

Aufgabensteller: Prof. Dr. Helmut Reiser


  • Basic knowledge of cloud architecture and virtual machines
  • Good knowledge of Linux
  • Good knowledge of scripting languages

Dauer der Diplomarbeit bzw. der Masterarbeit: gemäß Studienordnung

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