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Conception and Implementation of a Reporting Interface for Identity Related Reports


In today’s businesses, reports on all sorts of operations are created in every department of an enterprise. This also applies to the Identity and Access Management domain. But it is a common requirement to have such reports generated by standard reporting tools and combined with reports of other domains.

For the creation of a report, the desired data should be worked on and then displayed. However some data, which is not available in our current reporting tool but in another platform, should be added. This is why an interface between the reporting tool and another platform is very often required.

In this thesis we describe a number of use-cases in which we create several reports on many different activities within an enterprise using a well-known reporting tool. We additionally implement an interface which makes possible for these reports to be accessed and edited through a different platform, which may offer additional data, functionality and visualization possibilities.


  • Basic knowledge of IAM and business intelligence tools
  • Basic knowledge of data base systems
  • Basic knowledge of programming in Java

Overview of tasks:

  • Set up the tools
  • Describe use cases
  • Design and implement an interface between the tools
  • Evaluate the implementation

Prof. Dr. D. Kranzlmüller

Dauer der Arbeit:

  • 2 Monate (Vollzeit) + Einarbeitungszeit

Anzahl Bearbeiter: 1